Crab Creek Industries
Woodcraft by Matt Daschel
Flower Vases

I first saw a small wooden flower vase at a gift shop in western Pennsylvania over 10 years ago.  I thought it looked pretty nice and decided I could make something similar for my wife.  So, I bought some small flower "frog" cups and made a couple for my wife.  Since then, I have made several of various designs for gifts and decided that they could also be something that I could make for sale.

The vases we make now are constructed of various hardwoods from worldwide sources.  Some of the small vases are are finished with sealer and a shellac based topcoat followed by a layer of hard carnauba wax.  Larger clocks are finished with hand rubbed polyurethane.

If you don't see a vase that you like in our store, take a look at the Sold Items Gallery and if there is one you like there, send us an email and we will make a similar one just for you.  If you would like a special wood or design, we will let you know if we can accommodate your request.