Crab Creek Industries
Woodcraft by Matt Daschel
Salt and Pepper Shakers
I have been making salt and pepper mills for some time and was looking for a suitable kit of parts to make salt and pepper shakers.  
Finally one is available and now I have make some salt and pepper shakers to sell.

All of the salt and pepper shakers are finished on the outside with sealer and either a shellac/wax based or water based polymeric
topcoating.  On the shakers with shellac based coating, I follow that with a final coating of hard carnauba wax.

CCI web salt and pepper shakers

If you don't see a salt and pepper shaker set that you desire  in our store, take a look at the Sold Items Gallery and if there is one
you like there, send us an 
email and we will make a similar mill just for you.