Crab Creek Industries
Woodcraft by Matt Daschel
Wine Bottle Stoppers
I started to make wine bottle stoppers as a way to put to use all the ends of hardwood pieces I collect.  I also wanted to get more practice on the wood lathe.  Wine bottle stoppers are small and challenging enough to accomplish both goals.  So, after I made more than a few stoppers, it looked like I would have way too many to give to friends and family.  We are pleased to offer some of these creations for sale to you and hope you find the perfect one for personal use or a gift!

The wood part of my bottle stoppers are made of various hardwoods from worldwide sources.  The metal end is made of food grade stainless steel that will not corrode from wine acid or cleaning.  The seal is a food safe elastomer.  The wood part of the stopper is finished with wood sealer, topped with a food safe, shellac based finish coating.  Finally, I add a layer of hard carnauba wax to give long lasting beauty.  For longest life, please do not immerse the wood portion of the stopper in soap or water or the dishwasher.  It may be wiped clean with a damp washcloth and towel dried to preserve the original beauty.

If you don't see a stopper that you like in our store, take a look at the Sold Items Gallery and if there is one you like there, send us an
email and we will make a similar one just for you.