Crab Creek Industries
Woodcraft by Matt Daschel
Pepper and Salt Mills
I gave a presentation about my woodworking fun at the Soap Lake, WA Art Club one night and a lady asked me if I could make some pepper mills for
her for gifts. 

So, I researched the various mechanisms available and settled on one pepper grinding mechanism and one salt grinding mechanism.  
The pepper
grinding mechanism has a traditional shaft that protrudes through the top of the mill.  The grinder mechanism is stainless steel and made in the USA.  
The salt grinding mechanism is ceramic, but is adjusted from the top using a traditional shaft that protrudes through the top of the mill and is also made
in the USA.

All of the pepper and salt mills are finished on the outside with sealer and a shellac/wax based topcoating.  I follow that with a final coating of hard carnauba wax.  The inside is finished with a hard drying cutting board finish that is food safe.

If you would like a matching salt and pepper mill set, send us an email and we will reply with a quote for the set.
  If you don't see an individual pepper
or salt mill that you desire in our store, take a look at the salt and pepper mills in the slideshow on this page 
and if there is one you like there, send us
email with the number in the caption and we will quote a similar mill just for you.