Crab Creek Industries
Woodcraft by Matt Daschel
Cutting Boards
I made my first cutting board while attending Oregon State University.  I found a woodshop on campus that was available to students and needed to sniff some wood dust to make my engineering studies a little easier.  So, I made a small 9"X12" oak cutting board in 1982 that I could use in a dorm room and just retired it last year after many years of service.

The cutting boards we make now are constructed of various hardwoods from worldwide sources.  The cutting boards are glued with waterproof glue.  They are finished with food grade mineral oil and can be refinished as necessary with more mineral oil that can be purchased in any pharmacy.  For longest life, please do not soak the cutting boards in water or wash in the dishwasher since they are wood and may swell.  They may be wiped clean with soap and water and towel dried to preserve the original beauty.  We have found that when you do hand wash them, if you wet both sides of the board and let them dry in a dish drainer, minimal warpage will occur.  When you have used the cutting boards for several weeks, re-soak with mineral oil to restore waterproofing to the board.

If you don't see a cutting board that you like in our store, take a look at the Sold Items Gallery and if there is one you like there, send us an email and we will make a similar one just for you.  If you would like a special wood pattern, we will let you know if we can accommodate your request.